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EDH Flightscope                          

Information regarding the Xi and Xi+ along with Boditrak wireless balance plate integration with the VX2 App COMING SOON!


EDH Flightscope brings you the latest in portable Golf Performance Monitors for outdoor or indoor use. Our products employ sophisticated radar technology and mathematical algorithms to provide you with pure measurements and accurate calculations.

Easy to use, affordable, reliable, lightweight, never needs calibration, operates using rechargeable battery or electricity and works for right or left handed players. Measurements are pure in bright sunlight, darkness or other weather conditions.

Flightscope Golf Performance Monitors are rapidly becoming the standard for instructors, clubfitters, tour pros, elite golf teams, avid and recreational golfers of all abilities. These monitors are also being used at many charity events, driving ranges, corporate outings and amusement facilities.


FlightScope® Data


  • Club Comparison
  • Clubhead Speed Profile
  • Clubhead Acceleration Profile
  • Driving Optimizer
  • Advanced Optimizer
  • Printed Report


  • 3D Shot Plot
  • Dashboard
  • Grouping
  • Ball Trajectory
  • Tracking Info
  • Printed Report


  • Ball Comparison
  • Ball Aerodynamics(Lift)
  • Ball Aerodynamics(Drag)
  • Printed Report
Other Measurements
  • Carry distance
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Launch Angle
  • Direction
  • Impact Angle
  • Height
  • Classification

FlightScope X2 Features:

     No PC required- But does run on PC as well

     Operated directly from:

  •      IPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones,
         Android Tablets ( Samsung Galaxy Tab etc ),
         Laptop and stationary computer?s ( no Mac)

     Indoor/Outdoor unit

     Built-in rechargeable battery  ? 10 hour operation

     Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connection

     Built-in camera for target alignment

     Self-leveling feet

 Spin Indoors

FlightScope has a very advanced indoor spin measurement capability and can measure spin directly.
For indoor applications, a dimple-size metallic sticker is used, allowing near-perfect spin measurements,
unsurpassed by any other golf launch monitor technology available today, with a 14 feet(or more) ball flight distance.

Maximize your X2 Battery Life

To get the maximum battery life out of your X2,
please follow these steps on how to charge your unit:


Put the X2's Handle down as you would for normal use

Plug the unit in and make sure the green indicator on the power supply is on

Switch the unit on

Make sure the X2 is not connected to any devices

make sure wireless devices like the iPad or Android phone does not have the FlightScope application open

unplug the USB cable

Both the Status and Connected lights must be blinking blue

The charging light should blink orange to indicate that the unit is charging



The high capacity batteries require continuous charging for 14 to 18 hours from empty

The X2 will stop charging if the batteries are too hot and will continue when the temperature drops

Do not assume that the system is fully charged when the orange light stops flashing. The system charges in three cycles depending on the charge level.

The unit will only start charging if the battery level is below 80%

When the Handle is Up the power switches off, keep the Handle down during charging



Swing Catalyst integrates with FlightScope

Swing Catalyst is a user-friendly video analysis software that seamlessly integrates all the data from your FlightScope unit.
Swing Catalyst allows you to instantly view the FlightScope data with the video images of the swing. The data is automatically
stored with each individual swing in a single file. This way you can easily track improvements over time!

E6 Simulator Software by TRUEGOLF run by FlightScope

If you have a FlightScope Launch Monitor you can also purchase the E6 Simulator software and play all year round!!!


FlightScope Skills Assessment Application


FlightScope, maker of the world’s first wireless 3D tracking radar for golf, has released the first PC version of its revolutionary new software,
FlightScope Skills, to add to its already world class PC and Apps software.

The new software will allow golfers to assess and benchmark their golf games indoors or outdoors
using a set of virtual targets to aim at during a practice session. Each shot is given a score based on the ball’s proximity to the target.
Scores are cumulated for all targets, to give an overall session total.

The FlightScope Skills game is fully customizable allowing for the number of targets, target shape, distance and size
to be set depending on the players goal. Golfers can also create extra pressure during games by adding a time limit and
even have targets pop up randomly to mimic a real golf round.

Golf teachers and club fitters will find FlightScope Skills a very useful tool when assessing player weaknesses or
testing equipment with detailed reports on 11 ball parameters and 7 club parameters for every swing on every target.

Contact TSG for more information HERE


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