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An innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking and image processing. FlightScope’s patented fusion tracking technology is a world first, providing a realistic and accurate method for combining radar and camera data.

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The FlightScope Xi+ starts its journey off as an Xi, but then we add a couple of “PLUS” features and the result is the smallest and most technologically advanced club fitting tool.


With the FlightScope Xi+ you have access to all the data parameters necessary for the ultimate club fitting experience in one central location. With FlightScope’s Detailed Data Analysis tables you can quickly delete the outlier shots and compare club averages or do a distance gapping.


Who says launch monitors are just for professionals? Add the FlightScope Xi to your golf bag and experience the same detailed ball flight analysis on the range that you get at your lesson. You can see a virtual representation of your swing and you can play FlightScope Skills challenges to make practice more fun and to track performance over time. Its unbeatable accuracy and performance will help boost your golf game to the next level.  


The smallest and most lightweight tracking radar in existence, so small it can even fit in your golf bag, but don’t be fooled by the small package.

FlightScope Xi can be used both outdoors and indoors.


The X2 Skills app provides you with the ability to build customized challenges. You design the size of the target, the distance you want to hit and how many points each target is worth. Finally when you have completed your challenge, you can compare your results with other players and PGA Tour Players.


The VX2 app view your club impact parameters side by side with a video clip of your swing complete with drawing tools, notes and tempo calculator.

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